Private Tour Experience of the Year, 2019/20 - Australia

Private Tour Experience of the Year, 2019/20 - Australia

Tours that people love, that’s what any tour operator strives for. The recognition of our passengers for a tour that they enjoy and are excited by is our reward. But when that recognition is also endorsed by travel industry insiders, it is particularly rewarding.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that, in mid December, the Luxury Travel Guide company in the United Kingdom has determined that Trike Tours Melbourne has won “Private Tour Experience of the Year, Australia” for 2019/20. The award is part of the Asia & Australia Awards for 2019/20.

The team at Luxury Travel Guide (LTG) tell us that “all of our winners are subject to the same rigorous assessment criteria, carried out by our in-house professionals. The judges focus their research on publicly sourced information such as reviews, testimonials, website and social media platforms ensuring only the most deserving businesses are chosen as a winner”.

You can find the LTG at this link: or you can subscribe to their travel guides - where you’ll find Trike Tours Melbourne in the guide due to be published in April 2020.

We are very pleased to have been named Private Tour Experience of the Year, Australia for 2019/20, to follow on from our 2018 Boutique Tour Operator of the Year award. We look forward to having you experience the rush at Trike Tours Melbourne, so please book now!