Touring the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix circuit

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Take pole position and tour the Melbourne Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix street circuit! It’s something that Trike Tours Melbourne does throughout the year as part of several of our tours and our passengers love to experience the circuit. They often state their intent to watch the race on TV so they can say “we were there!” And for diehard Formula 1 fans there’s a great time of the year to tour the circuit. 

The F1 race is held in mid March each year. As the circuit is constructed for the event in the weeks beforehand there are some road closures as you get close to race day, however the main straight and the key areas of the circuit are usually open until the weekend beforehand. As you get closer to the race days, the construction nears completion and grandstands and viewing areas are completed, the track surface is painted and finalised, F1 team gear arrives and is on the circuit for a few days, the Mercedes safety and medical cars can be seen on track, merchandise marquees are up, and the whole F1 buzz is on! Based on previous experience, we should be able to go through the main areas up to and including the Sunday before the race weekend – but note that whilst there’s more to see as you get closer to race week, the risk of unexpected road closures could occur (e.g. because of rain delays to construction). So be a bit wary as it’s beyond our control. 

Our St Kilda Beach Precinct, Lake and Bay View, and Baywatch Half Day tours all travel through the circuit so you can pause for photos on these tours. However, if you wish to get off the trike to wander through the circuit on foot in the days prior to closure – or even after it reopens a few days after the event – we suggest you book one of our Trike Tour Hire products so you can custom design how much time you wish to take exploring the circuit (it’s only 15 minutes from our office), and then we can take you to other places beyond that depending on your booked timeframe. One hour would be the minimum required just to cover the circuit – two hours or more for a thorough walk through and then to have more places to explore. 

Free practice is over. Get in first to qualify for these great tours and make no mistakes on your qualifying lap or you won’t secure pole position to tour the F1 circuit! Get online now and book your grid position - the red lights are about to go out and they’ll be racing! 

Ride on.

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