Trike Tours Melbourne’s Frequently Asked Questions

Trike Tours Melbourne’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        What is that?

A.        Our number 1 question. It’s a trike – a 3 wheeled vehicle that is, strangely, a “motor bike” under Victorian law but not a “motor cycle”. Go figure.

Q.        Did you build it yourself?

A.        No, you can just walk into the showroom and buy them off the floor from the Australian Distributor. They are made in Germany by the manufacturer, built to Australian Standards, and imported just like other luxury vehicles.

Q.        Do you need a special license?

A.        Yes, a motorcycle license. Plus other licenses if you wish to do what we do.

Q.        Does it take 3 passengers?

A.        A very understandable question given there’s 3 headrests, but no it takes 1 or 2 passengers. The centre headrest is used when there’s a single passenger, and they sit like a pillion passenger would on a motorcycle – right behind the rider. When there are 2 passengers the outside seats/headrests are used.

Q.        Is it loud?

A.        No it’s not and we don’t want it to be, but it has a great note to it.

Q.        Is it safe?

A.        Yes, and much safer than a motorcycle which can have a wheel slide out from underneath quite easily on slippery roads or if ridden poorly. Because of the broad rear wheelbase our trike is very stable and it has some serious brakes.

More to come another time …