Trip Advisor changes its spots but still fake

Trip Advisor changes its spots but still fake

Do you use Trip Advisor to find tours of Melbourne? Do you supply tour services to Melbourne or elsewhere? Trike Tours Melbourne terminated Trip Advisor’s booking agent company, Viator (also known as Trip Advisor Experiences), because Viator was messing up our passengers’ tour bookings. In response, Trip Advisor falsely labelled us as, amongst other things, “no longer operating”. After repeated requests and only after threat of legal action and reporting to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have they changed their tune. Maybe they’re singing the Trivago tune? To find out what happened to Trivago read this link:

After Trip Advisor claimed for months, but refused to correct it, that Trike Tours Melbourne’s tour products and business were “currently unavailable … for reasons including it is out of season, currently sold out, or no longer operating”, or words to that effect - and completely false – they’ve finally changed the colour of their spots. Now they say “This product is unavailable to book via TripAdvisor. Contact the supplier for availability” – a big difference, and actually correct because we dropped that arrangement due to their poor service. Our previous Blog has further details on what Trip Advisor got up to.

Looking for “Things to do” on Trip Advisor? We understand they only list the “things to do” from suppliers that will pay Trip Advisor’s booking company, Viator, a commission – is that what the ACCC caught another company doing? Maybe Trip Advisor should change their listing to “Things we want you to do”?

And Trip Advisor still show fake reviews! We contacted them recently and reported a fake review from someone who was never a customer or passenger on one of our tours – we know who the person is and they’ve never even seen our business. Trip Advisors response: “The review complies with our submission guidelines and will remain published on TripAdvisor”. Proving once again that Trip Advisor cannot be trusted and show fake reviews.

So if you don’t want to miss out on tour options in Victoria when you search, try another generic search option such as and skip the “big tech” and their false statements and fake content. You’ll find Trike Tours Melbourne there – open and raring to go! And as winners of the Luxury Travel Guide’s “Private Tour Experience of the Year, Australia” for 2019/20, we know what we are doing, and our passengers know that also.

Ride on!