When is the best time to tour Melbourne?

When is the best time to tour Melbourne?

When is the best time to tour Melbourne on a Trike? When it’s summer or during cooler months? When it's peak season, or when it’s quieter?

At Trike Tours Melbourne these questions may be asked quite a lot - so what is the right answer?

If you wish to experience the rush of Melbourne and its surrounds, as we do, then touring during hot weather has its challenges, as does touring when it's wet. But with a bit of forethought and knowledge, it is actually not as challenging as some think.

In the peak of summer it is reasonable to expect hot weather, but it actually gets down to the weather on the day. So, if you are booking in advance, how do you allow for this? Well it depends on the tour you are wanting to do. A short tour allows more flexibility than a long tour as you have several starting time options. If the forecast is for hot conditions, then a morning departure time when the weather is cool is a sound choice. Similarly, a Twilight tour let's you enjoy the warmer temperatures and you return when it's cooler - later in the evening.

For day tours, the location you wish to tour can influence the best days to tour. Our Yarra Valley tour has a cooler climate than Melbourne - possibly up to 5 degrees - and our Peninsula and Great Ocean Road tours can also vary similarly. So check the forecast in the area you are going to, not the area you depart from. 

Wet weather isn't as bad as some people think, once you put on our wet weather gear, which keeps you dry. It's an attitude thing. Our tours still proceed when it is wet. However, we won't tour when there is the likelihood of hail, storms, lighting or really bad weather. We can postpone, if your schedule allows, or we refund in full if we determine a last minute need to cancel a tour for safety reasons such as these.

Crowds and traffic can also be a challenge. But, honestly, you can over think some things, and besides, we allow for those issues in our tour routes. We want you to experience the rush of our Trike, of Melbourne and the places we take you. So, the best time to tour is … when you choose. Just embrace it and enjoy the experience. 

And from the weather perspective ... just wait 15 minutes! It is Melbourne, after all!