Your Tour Operator is calling you!

Your Tour Operator is calling you!

Tour operators in Melbourne and Victoria love to provide excellent service to their passengers, as I’m sure others all around the World do – but it’s not always reciprocated by the passengers!

In Australia, operators sometimes use Smartnumbers with 1800, 1300 or 13 prefixed phone numbers, or Phone Words such as 1800 TRIKE TOURS to make it easy for passengers to remember our phone number so you can ring us. But we also ring you and that’s where some passengers aren’t allowing us to provide great service to you. And you’re going to miss your tour if you are not careful.

Most Smartnumbers and Phone Words do not show up on your phone screen, and will appear as a Private Number. These days with so many scammers out there trying to sell or con you, more and more people are reluctant to answer their phone from an unknown number. But please don’t let these losers drag you down.

At Trike Tours Melbourne we often keep an eye out for our passengers arriving on time and/or at the right location. From our office we frequently spot our likely passengers wandering around in a DMD (that’s a “digital maps daze” to you) or standing by our trike trying to find us. When we do, we ring you in an attempt to guide you in to our location or see if you are on your way. Increasingly though, passengers either don’t have their phones switched on as they head toward their tour operator, even if running late, or refuse to answer the phone because they can’t see who is calling them – yet we can see you doing this from our office window!

Next time you are about to tour with a tour operator – wherever you are in the World – please have your phone switched on and, if it rings, you don’t have to be a Parrot, just answer it please because it’s us calling you!

We don’t want you to miss out or be late. Then you can experience the rush with Trike Tours Melbourne!